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Abnova & BioView Successfully Developed All-in-One Imaging System and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution for Identification of Circulating Tumor and Fetal Cells (CTCs and CFCs)


Neihu, Taiwan and Rehovot, Israel (October 9, 2018)

Abnova and BioView (BIOV:TASE) announced today the launch of an integrated all-in-one imaging system with artificial intelligence (AI) solution for the identification of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and circulating fetal cells (CFCs). This is a culmination of more than a year’s work and close collaboration between two companies to introduce a highly competitive, imaging and smart-algorithm platform for the non-invasive, cell-based liquid biopsy market. During this development period, Abnova and BioView sold several systems in Japan, Taiwan and China which were utilized to test and validate the integrated system. Going forward, Abnova has the exclusive right to commercialize the all-in-one system with Abnova’s proprietary, cell enrichment instruments, chips, and bioreagents.

Cell-based liquid biopsy is a multi-step, diagnostic process requiring blood sample preparation, cell enrichment, immunostaining, and molecular analysis such as fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and next-generation sequencing (NGS). The immunostaining and FISH analysis is a critical component of the cell distinction requiring high-speed cell scanning with smart AI coupled with direct sample viewing to accelerate and shorten the cycle time from blood sample to report. Most scanning microscopes in the market do not have AI capability to analyze the captured images. Moreover, the scanning microscope does not always have sufficient viewing resolution for final confirmation.

“Imaging and AI is indispensable for cell-based liquid biopsy,” said Dr. Wilber Huang, President of Abnova Corporation. “They allow us to effectively distinguish each cell’s protein and genomic signature, and more importantly their intercellular heterogeneity and homogeneity. This foremost identification is first validation step followed by more intensive DNA and RNA validation at greater breadth and depth. BioView’s solution has catapulted Abnova to become a formidable competitor in the cell-based liquid biopsy market. We look forward to working with BioView to develop additional turn-key solutions for our customers.”

“BioView’s core competence in imaging and software has the potential to accelerate market adoption of new technologies such as cell-based liquid biopsy,” said Alan Schwebel, CEO of BioView. “As the biotech industry is becoming more precision-centric for the patients, BioView is well-positioned to leverage our expertise to provide greater precision on a cellular and even molecular level. We are excited to be working with Abnova to rapidly open-up the markets not only for CTCs but also for CFCs from our extensive experiences on FISH probe image analysis. This successful collaboration is consistent with BioView’s approach to work with leading cell- based liquid biopsy enrichment and assay–labeling partners to advance the characterization of CTCs into the clinical market.”


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