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2019/05/28 Press Release: Abnova & National Cancer Center Hospital East Japan Collaborate to Setup Decentralized, Point-of-Care, IL-12 Gene Modified T Cell Manufacturing for Cancer Therapy.
2019/05/06 Press Release: Abnova Introduces LiquidCell™ Negative Enrichment Circulating Tumor Cell Platform for the Clinical Pathology Market.
2019/03/18 Press Release: Abnova Expands its Patent Repertoire of T Cell Therapy Against Solid Tumors.
2019/01/28 Press Release: Abnova & Nippon Kayaku Signed Exclusive ACTN4 Supply and Commercialization Agreement for Lung Cancer IVD Market in Japan.
2018/10/09 Press Release: Abnova & BioView Successfully Developed All-in-One Imaging System and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution for Identification of Circulating Tumor and Fetal Cells (CTCs and CFCs).
2018/09/10 Press Release: Abnova T-cell Therapy Demonstrated Efficacy against Large Solid Tumors in Preclinical Studies.
2018/07/31 Press Release: Abnova Launches Cell-Based, Non-Invasive Liquid Biopsy of Circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPC) Targeting Healthy and Anti-Aging Markets.
2018/06/26 Press Release: Abnova & Yourgene Collaborate to Accelerate Next Generation Sequencing Capability and Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cell and Circulating Fetal Cell in Taiwan.
2018/05/21 Press Release: Abnova Expands its SELECT™ Non-Invasive Fetal Cell Liquid Biopsy Platform with Clinical Validation Study in Japan Sanno Hospital.
2018/02/08 Press Release: Abnova Gained Japan PMDA Permission to Advances ACTN4 In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Biomarker for Lung Adenocarcinoma into Clinical Trial in Japan.
2018/01/11 Press Release: Abnova developed and submitted RoHS compatible CytoQuest™ CR System for SGS and CE-IVD certification.
2017/10/17 Conference: Invited Talk at Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital.
2017/09/11 Press Release: Abnova Enters Third-Party Diagnostic Market in China.
2017/08/22 Press Release: Abnova Gains Precision Medicine Momentum.
2017/04/03 Press Release: Abnova announces the opening of Abnova Diagnostics (Japan) office and clinical laboratory for precision medicine market in Japan.
2016/10/27 Press Release: Abnova (Dongguan) Diagnostics launches an official account on WeChat. Please follow us.
2016/10/27 Press Release: Personal A1c Diabetes HbA1c Rapid Test Kit is now officially available for purchase on Taobao Abnova (Dongguan) Diagnostics.
2016/05/12 Press Release: Abnova (Dongguan) Diagnostics’ Personal A1c Diabetes HbA1c Rapid Test Gains CFDA in vitro Diagnostics Approval and Marketing in China.
2016/04/26 CE Marking Approval: Abnova Announces CE Marking Approval of New Application for Abnova Personal A1c Diabetes HbA1c Rapid Test Kit (Professional Use).
2016/04/06 Press Release: Abnova Gains Worldwide Exclusive License to CSV Monoclonal Antibody from MD Anderson Cancer Center for Detection of Cancer-Specific Circulating Tumor Cells.
2016/03/11 CE Marking Approval: Abnova Announces CE Marking Approval of the CytoQuest™ CR System for Circulating Rare Cell Enrichment.
2016/03/07 Press Release: Abnova (Dongguan) Diagnostics Aims for Precision Medicine Market in China.

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