Automated bio-robotics for negative enrichment and retrieval of CTCs, CSCs, and fNRBCs.

Three major subtypes of circulating rare cells in clinical applications are circulating tumor cells (CTCs), circulating cancer stem cells (CSCs), and circulating fetal nucleated red blood cells (fNRBCs) . Abnova's CytoBot™ is a revolutionary bio-robotic automation for isolation of circulating tumor cell (CTCs). CytoBot™ effectively obviates all manual operations involved in the gradient density separation, negative selection, immuno- and DNA- labeling of CTCs, thereby achieving unprecedented precision, accuracy, and reproducibility required for clinical adoption.

CytoBot™ integrates robotics, sensors and smart software to perform complex biological tasks of CTC isolation. Starting from whole blood in a collection tube, two 6-axial robotic arms simulate a concerted action of centrifuge, pipetting, transferring, shaking, aspirating, washing, labeling, and staining of CTCs. Throughout the process, robotic arms are guided by a multitude of real-time optical, electrical, and mechanical sensors, and intelligent algorithm for high throughput and multi-task functions.

CytoBot™ is supported by a complete CTC isolation kit consisting of monoclonal antibodies, FISH probes, and peripheral bioreagents. Leveraging the principle of negative selection, these reagents do not rely on surface biomarkers for cell isolation. This is a particular advantage in CTC isolation due to protein and genetic biomarker alterations during cell evolution. CytoBot™ is a powerful platform in the growing field of CTCs and their clinical applications.


CRC Subtypes

  • Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs)
  • Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)
  • Fetal Nucleated Red Blood Cells (fNRBCs)

CytoBot™ Advantages

  • Precision, Accuracy & Reproducibility
  • High Throughput & Multi-Tasking
  • Minimize Cross Contaminations
  • Negative Selection Cell Isolation

CytoBot™ Integration

  • Total Solution Workstation
  • Two 6 Axial Robotic Arms
  • In-Process Controls & Sensors
  • Intelligent Software Algorithm
  • Self-Contained Instruments
  • RFID Consumable Tracking
  • Clean Environment & HEPA Filter



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