Actinin, alpha 4 (ACTN4)
New FISH Probes for Cancer Research
ACTN4 User Manual
CytoQuest™ CR
CytoQuest™ CR - Circulating Rare Cell Positive Enrichment & Retrieval System.
Epithelial Stem Cell Monoclonal Antibodies - CD44 Variant Isoforms.
Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Antibody - Plastin-3.
Cell-Surface Vimentin (CSV) Monoclonal Antibody.
Cell-Surface Vimentin (CSV) Antibody Capture of Circulating Tumor Cells in Sarcoma Patients.
Custom Bioreagents
Custom GPCR Antibody Service
Custom Mouse & Rat Monoclonal Antibody Service
Custom Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Service
Custom Mouse, Rat & Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody Service
Custom Service for Protein Production
Custom Membrane Protein Proteoliposomes
Pamphlet – CTC Liquid Biopsy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
 Pamphlet – CTC Liquid Biopsy for Breast Cancer
 Pamphlet – CTC Liquid Biopsy for Colorectal Cancer
 Pamphlet – CTC Liquid Biopsy for Liver Cancer
 Pamphlet – CTC Liquid Biopsy for Pancreatic Cancer
 Pamphlet – CTC Liquid Biopsy for Prostate Cancer
 Pamphlet – Germline Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer
 Pamphlet – New Era of Precision Medicine
 Pamphlet – Circulating Tumor Cell Liquid Biopsy for Cancers
 Pamphlet – Cell-Surface Vimentin as Cancer-Specific Biomarker for CTCs
 Pamphlet – CytoQuest™ CR Microfluidic System for Positive Enrichment of CTCs
 Pamphlet – CytoQuest™ CR Bioreagents
 Pamphlet – mutaFISH™ (muta-specific Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization) for CTCs
 Pamphlet – Germline Genetic Testing Service

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