Circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cell Service

Non-invasive, circulating epithelial progenitor cell (EPC) enrichment and enumeration for personalized health and anti-aging management.

Abnova Diagnostics provides circulating endothelial progenitor cell (EPC) service to interested individuals and requesting physicians, clinics, and hospitals. Our clinical laboratory is ISO15189 certified and our capability is supported by an integrated platform for efficient and reproducible enrichment and enumeration of circulating EPCs from whole blood. Such cell-based, non-invasive liquid biopsy is a precision tool for identifying and tracking circulating EPCs relating to aging, cardiac and vascular well-being. Traditional circulating EPC detection by flow cytometry is handicapped by low sensitivity, high variability, and complex operation when measuring such rare cell population. Abnova Diagnostics' more advanced yet simpler cell isolation platform combined with CD34+/KDR+ and CD133+/KDR+ monoclonal antibodies is better suited for the detection of circulating EPCs.

Specimen Requirement

  • Human whole blood: at least 7.5ml collected in Na-Heparin tube (green cap) at room temperature.
  • Shipment: sample should be kept in room temperature after blood collection and throughout transportation.
  • Time of testing: sample should be tested within 12 hours of collection to maintain cell freshness.

Whole Blood Fractionation, WBC Depletion, EPC Entrapment, and EPC Enumeration

  • Whole blood fractionation: sample preparation via density gradient centrifuge.
  • WBC depletion: anti-CD45 magnetic bead negative enrichment.
  • EPC entrapment: high affinity cell entrapment by positive enrichment.
  • EPC enumeration: anti-CD34+/KDR+ and anti-CD133+/KDR+ biomarker identification via

Analytical Methods

  • Immunofluorescence
  • mutation-specific, Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (mutaFISH™) – per request only
  • Sanger Sequencing (SS) – per request only
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) – per request only

Deliverables (Sent Within 7 Working Days)

An interpretative report of the circulating EPC sample will be provided.

  • Antibody panel used to identify circulating EPCs.
  • Number of circulating EPCs enumerated based on biomarker identification.
  • Number of circulating EPCs isolated for downstream analysis per customer’s request.
  • Additional protein biomarkers and gene characterizations per customer’s request.


Items Package 1 Package 2 Package 3 Package 4
EPC Enrichment & Enumeration
EPC mutaFISH™      
EPC Cell Isolation    
EPC Sanger Sequencing      
EPC Next Generation Sequencing      
Total Price per Sample (USD/EUR) Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire

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