FFPE Tumor Tissue DNA Service

Formalin fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue DNA analysis by NGS for personalized cancer management.

Abnova Diagnostics provides ISO15189 medical laboratory service to physicians and clinical researchers requiring formalin fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue DNA molecular characterization. Our capability is supported by a fully automated platform for FFPE tissue DNA extraction, multiplex PCR-based targeted enrichment, library preparation, next-generation sequencing, and gene mutation analysis. This robust workflow increases traceability and reproducibility, and improves quality and efficacy of cancer mutation studies. Targeted sequencing of actionable mutations have important implications in cancer diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and monitoring in the new era of personalized medicine.

Specimen Requirement

  • Human tissue sections: 3 unstained, positively charged sequential sections from 10% formalin fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue block. Preferred tissue fixation is 6-48hours. Recommended tissue section thickness is 4-5 microns. Tissue sections must be assayed within 6 weeks of preparation.
  • Shipment: tissue sections are kept at room temperature throughout transportation.

DNA Extraction, Library Preparation, Next-Generation Sequencing, and Gene Mutation Analysis

  • DNA extraction: extract the genomic DNA from FFPE tissue followed by DNA purification and quantification.
  • Library preparation: fragment and size the genomic DNA, enrich multiple PCR-based targets, pool amplicons, and prepare library.
  • Next-generation sequencing: perform targeted sequencing of cancer mutations based on preselected gene panel.
  • Gene mutation analysis: annotate and compare cancer gene mutations including variants with published literatures and public databases.

Analytical Methods

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Deliverables (Sent within 10 Working Days)

An interpretative report of cancer gene mutations will be provided.

  • Targeted genes used to identify cancer mutations.
  • Sequences of cancer gene mutations and their variants based on next-generation sequencing.
  • Cancer mutation annotation and comparison with known datasets.
  • Additional mutations gene sequencing per customer’s request.


Cancer Panels Cancer Genes & Variants Service Fee (USD/EUR)
Actionable Tumor Panel ALK                         KIT
BRAF                       KRAS
EGFR                       NRAS
ERBB2                     PDGFRA
ERBB3                     PIK3CA
ESR1                       RAF1
Customized Tumor Panel Upon Request Inquire

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